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We firmly believe in the transformative power of psychology to enhance the workplace. By incorporating psychological insights into the workspace, we empower individuals and organizations to unlock their fullest potential.

All about Neumen

  • Together the founders, Dimmy and Vincent, have over 50 years of international experience in talent assessment consultancy, as manager and individual contributor, in operations – delivery and consultancy – as well as sales & marketing, including product development, product management and channel partner management. We’ve worked with many different clients across countries and sectors, have hands-on experience, know the market and have an extensive network within the industry.

  • We want to help organizations and people thrive. We make psychology work. We help create longer, better, and more successful work relationships.


    Our portfolio is built around attracting, developing, and retaining the right people for the organization. In a nutshell:

    1. We deliver executive assessment and development centres.

    2. We help companies identify and implement assessment & development solutions and support consultancies, strengthening and opening new channels to the market

    3. We assist companies in identifying their true values and embedding these into their HR processes.

  • Besides “what we do”, we believe “how we do it” is at least as important. With an eye for quality, respect for the client and genuine interest. No to formal, yes to professional. No to process-driven, yes to people-centric. No to small print, yes to being direct and transparent.

Dimmy van Zanten

Dimmy's journey in the assessment industry spans nearly three decades, a testament to his deep-rooted experience and expertise. His career trajectory has seen him in various pivotal roles, from conducting cutting-edge research to leading a team of 100 specialists in delivering top-notch solutions globally. He started working for the Dutch police and ended up being responsible for the quality of the nationwide selection process. He then joined the largest test publisher in the Netherlands and became the publisher for all psychometric tests involving personnel selection and development. Dimmy's career took a significant turn when he assumed the role of Manager Assessments at the largest staff agency in the Netherlands. In 2001, he transitioned into the consultancy world, becoming one of the directors of a Dutch company specialising in talent management solutions. His leadership journey continued at Cubiks, an international talent assessment consultancy, where he held various positions and eventually became a board member. Throughout his career, Dimmy has also been involved in the delivery of services. Some examples include: • Talent assessment consulting: delivering leadership assessments for selection and development across sectors • Competency profiling and providing end-to-end support of 360 processes servicing global clients. • Key account director of around 10 international profit clients. Dimmy holds a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Leiden (the Netherlands), specialising in data analytics. Dimmy has held several lectures for the Society of Psychologists in the Netherlands and has spoken at several international conferences on innovations in assessment.

Vincent van de Belt

Vincent's career spans over 20 years in talent management consultancy. Before setting up his own consultancy in 2020, he was one of the Partners at Cubiks, an international assessment & development consultancy acquired by PSI Services in 2019. During his career, he worked in operational and corporate roles and has been based in the Netherlands, the UK, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. He started as Principal Consultant, and in his last role, he was responsible for Cubiks' operations in Greater China and Its international network of Agents. In between, he headed the Global Marketing & Communications team and managed Cubiks' operations in Malaysia, including its largest assessment client, which is headquartered in KL. Throughout his international career, Vincent has built up a solid track record in: • All round talent assessment consulting: delivering leadership assessments, customising solutions, competency profiling, providing end-to-end support of 360 processes. • Account management, marketing & communication • Channel partnership management and business operations and people management As a Partner, account director, assessor, and consultant, Vincent is very used to interacting with various (senior) stakeholders and working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. He holds a Master's degree in Sociology from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and a Bachelor's degree in Hotel Administration from the Hotel School the Hague (the Netherlands). He is a BPS Qualified Occupational Test User and trained in various assessment and development tools and practices.

Lilia Sarry

Lilia is a dynamic professional embarking on her career in personality assessment. Her diverse background spans leadership development, mathematics, psychology, cybersecurity, and education. Lilia holds a Master's degree in Work and Organizational Psychology from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is certified as a Basic Consultant by the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Therapy. Before joining Neumen, Lilia explored various fields through multiple internships: Culture & Leadership Development Intern at Heineken N.V.: - Developed comprehensive learning materials - Maintained and enhanced 360-degree feedback solutions - Supported the leadership programs organisation and managed cross-charging. Research Intern at Catalisto LLC (Cybersecurity): - Researched and analyzed global cybersecurity companies and products - Systematized complex data into actionable insights. Event Management Intern at ICF Abundant Life (NGO): - Supported the organisation of a charity festival for youth and children with disabilities - Coordinated event logistics and participant engagement. Additionally, Lilia has four years of experience as a self-employed mathematics tutor, highlighting her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to education.

Lyuba Ivanova

Lyuba is a master's student in Social and Organisational Psychology at Leiden University, currently interning as a Research Trainee at Neumen Consulting. Her professional background includes roles in Human Resources and Recruitment, Customer Support, and various student advisory positions. Before being employed at Neumen, Lyuba has obtained various working experiences: Student Member, Master Program Committee ●Refined and adjusted the education program through evaluations. ●Focused on course alignment, overlap, and exam arrangements. ●Provided recommendations to the program board. ●Served as a contact point for student queries, feedback, and complaints. Customer Support Agent, HousingAnywhere ●Assisted customers with the online rent platform, resolved disputes and provided alternatives. ●Ensured proper internal communication and documentation of different cases. Recruiter, Start People ●Conducted recruitment and talent assessments. ●Analyzed resumes to ensure a good match between candidate and job position and interviewed applicants. ●Managed administration and Human Resources tasks, including contract extensions and salary administration. Student Caller, Call Campaigns, Tilburg University ●Represented Tilburg University to prospective students. ●Answered questions and provided advice on housing, program content, and student life in English, Dutch and German language. ●Maintained internal communications for administrative support. Lyuba has developed strong teamwork, adaptability, organizational and communication skills through diverse roles in administration, advisory, and the hospitality industry. She seeks to advance her career in Social and Organizational Psychology by further enhancing and acquiring new skills.

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