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Organizational identity is not a marketing slogan. Identifying and integrating the values into all HR practices and processes can position a company to accomplish their goals with agility and vigor.

Consulting on Organizational Identity

As psychometric experts we use proven qualitative and quantitative data analyses to underpin the identity of your organisation
After identification we help you embed values across hiring, development and recognition through communication, training, tools and processes
We make your values explicit and we do not judge or take the moral high ground. Conducting a gap analysis with your aspiration can help you defining your next steps

We need at least 10 key decision makers to participate

We can run a project in 3 months, from start to finish

We have conducted one research project

And a minimum of 100 current employees to collect enough datapoints

If your actions do not align with your values, your employees will not trust you – plain and simple. Examples abound and will continue to arise. Embrace honesty about your values, ensuring the right people join and remain on board. When there is value alignment you can trust your people will make the right choices in difficult situations. The ultimate outcome is an effective and agile organization where people are fully engaged. 

Why identifying your true organizational values?

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