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We connect organizations with solutions (providers) that best match their needs and objectives, and we support consultancies and test publishers in bringing their product portfolio to market.

Brokering Psychometric Solutions

We are client centric and publisher agnostic, leveraging our deep knowledge of the market.

We capitalize on years of experience in test development and customization with a strong focus on output and usability.
We utilize and leverage our project management and stakeholder management skills, ensuring a smooth and successful roll-out.

50+ years’ experience developing, marketing, selling, implementing assessment solutions

We have implemented solutions for over 100 clients scattered across the globe

We know 90% of the established providers

Working with a variety of clients, we are using different assessment solutions ourselves almost every day of the week

Finding the right tools that robustly measure the relevant psychological traits and are of direct practical use can be a challenge. We know the world of psychometrics in detail and have the experience to make the output work. Both the individual and the organization will be able to grow and flourish with our help.

Why psychometric solutions brokering?

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